Terms and Conditions

Centennial Inn on Bathurst reserves the right to charge guests extra costs if these situations arise in their rooms (guests will be notified if this happens):

  • A minimum of $200 for smoking in the rooms.
  • $30 fee will be charged if room & front entrance keys are lost.
  • $30 fee will be charged if the room is left in a very dirty condition.
  • Additional charges will apply if damage has occurred in the room to furnishings & fittings etc as per quotes from the repairers (depending on what has been damaged).
  • In order to keep our rates competitive and environmentally friendly, Centennial Inn on Bathurst does not include daily room service. However if you wish to have fresh towels or replenish tea and coffee supply in your room, please notify our staff during operating hours.
  • Any noise from the room that is considered by Management to be a disturbance to other guests must cease immediately once requested by staff.
  • The peace and comfort of other Centennial Inn on Bathurst guests must be considered at all times.
  • Centennial Inn on Bathurst reserves the right at all times and will request guests not observing the above conditions to vacate their room and leave the property without notice.

Read and agree to the terms set out above and will be responsible for the due care of the room/s at all times during the occupation of my room/s and will pay for any loss or damage to the room/s or equipment during my use.

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